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Classes at D'Champs

D'champs will be conducting baking, cake decorating and chocolate making  classes from May 2010.

We will have a whole range of classes for the total beginner to the more advanced classes.
As a start, we divide the type of classes into 4 main categories :-

  • Baking
  • Cake Decorating
  • Chocolate
  • Exclusive Projects
  • Asian

In the Baking category, our hands-on sessions  begin with the Fundamentals of (Pastry/ Cake) Baking 1, 2 & 3 in which we take students through the basic fundamentals of baking pastries and cakes. Based on a 3-modular format, our goal is to provide students with both theorectical and practical foundation in baking practices. This includes discussion on selection of ingredients, function of specific ingredients, proper mixing methods, baking techniques, oven preparation, make up and full assembly. The focus is also on students' understanding of theory fundamentals and function ingredient. In a nutshell, studenst will not only learn what techniques work but also why they work.
In the Cake Decorating category, our hands-on sessions begin with the Basic Cake Decorating and conclude with the Fondant Wedding Cake Decoration in which we will students through the basics of cake decoration right up to the assembling of a tiered wedding cake covered in fondant. We also have classes on cupcakes and mini cakes decoration based on themes; specific classes on the decorating of Barbie Dolls/ Disney Princesses.

In the Chocolate Category, we take students through the journey of the Chocolate world. Theoretical knowledge on the history (brief) , structure / composition, different types of tempering processes -- advantages and disadvantages -  and the handling of chocolate will be covered extensively. The prcatical sessions will take students through the tempering process (without the use of machinery and in non-aircon environment) production of handmade chocolates which include moulded pralines and their fillings, truffles, lollipop chocolates, chocolate boxes, chocolate clusters ..... All in all, at the end of the session, each student would bring home at least 50 pieces of chocolate pralines of their own production.

In the Exclusive Projects Category, we would have guest chefs/instructors to conduct these exclusive project classes according to their specialties. These classes are hands-on based and are mainly directed at those who would have had some experience in handling fondant. Examples of these projects include :-

  • Pillow Cake
  • Topsy - Turvy Cake
  • Handbag and Shoe
  • Life Size Flowers .... and many more soon

In the Asian Category, we would have hands-on sessions on two sub-groups:-

KUIH TALAM :- In this course, the chef will take students through the making of both the traditional and modern Kuih Talam; the techniques of preparing, the pre-cooking, the steaming processes and the final assembly. Students will also be taught the techniques of devekoping new recipes from the core recipes provided. At the end of the session, the students would brng home at least 10 varieties of the Kuih Talam and with the knowledge and confidence of producing at least 30 new versions.

KUIH LAPIS :- This course is further divided into Basic and Advance (Lapis Sarawak).
In the Basic course, the chef will take students through the making of the 4 different kinds of the Lapis cake using two different kinds of methods. From here, the students will then be taken through the advance level in which they would learn the exciting techniques of producing patterned Lapis essentially known as the Lapis Sarawak. This section alone can be further subdivided into the basic pattern right to the more complicated ones. An excitig journey on its own..

The above classes are all hands-on based. Some of the classes such as the Fundamentals of Baking and the Cake Decorating Classes are follow-up classes which means they come with  a Prequsite clause. This is done so as to ensure that our students would begin the courses on a similiar grounding despite their background. This is essentialy to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary fundamentals as they proceed to the next level. We at D'Champs do not mean to belittle or prejudge the courses that are conducted elsewhere; its just that we would like our students to go through the learning journey as a team with an open mind -- "Im an empty cup -- fill me in ' mentality.

Most classes requires a minimum to kick start although we might exercise the discretion to conduct a particular class with less.

We can also conduct demo classes upon request or hands-on session bases on specific products. We try to accomodate to every request.

Please click on the "Class Schedule" in the Content Column for more info.

Thank You

All enquiries are welcome.

D'Champs Team

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