Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baking Class -- Upon your request

I am finally able to resume the baking classes -- February 2011.

But this time, there are 2 major changes :-

1---  classes can only be conducted over the weekends.

2---  the classes are strictly going to be upon request - that means YOU tell me what you want to learn and if I think Im able to give you a good lesson on what you request and we can gather the minimum number of 4; the class is ON.... That means if you want to learn all about Puff Pastry, then we have a class on Puff Pastry ............. how's that?????

A general guideline on the fees (actual fee will depend on number of items and ingredients costs):-

Hands -- On  Class  :-  One Day :- RM 250 per person.
                                    Two Days :- RM 400 per person. 

The average number of items taught will be between 4 to 8 items (for 2 days)

Demo classes --  upon request...

Hope this will help encourage/motivate those who have been wanting to join but wants to have their own choices.  BUT a word of kind advice; for those with those with little / no experience in baking; it woud be of great help to YOU and ME if  we start with the Beginners' class first... then you can make your request....just a piece of advice.....


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