Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ini Prada....Ainee Yang Punya

Ini Prada…..Ainee Yang Punya

Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan terima kasih khas buat Kak Jun atas menunaikan permintaan I untuk menghalusi teknik-teknik membuat kek handbag ni. Memang masa agak sibuk bagi Kak Jun, namun dia tak menghampakan I dan terus menyelitkan satu hari untuk I buat kraftangan ni.

Proses membuat kek handbag ni tak lah susah sangat. Cuma perlu kesabaran, ketekunan dan kesungguhan.

Alahai bestnya…..lepas ni bolehlah I bergaya dengan handbag baru I.

Adik ipar I nampak handbag tu…..dia minta I buatkan LV handbag untuk Birthday dia. Insyallah……….


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hari Raya Cookies 2009

This is the list of our Raya cookies this year.
We acknowledge that this brochure is hitting the net a little late but we have been swamped with wholesale orders that we finally have some room for smaller yet just as important orders from individuals like you. Your patronage is also very much appreciated.
Our cookies may seems expensive to you but we use quality pure butter from New Zealand and the finest flour. No butter substitute or margarine for our cookies. We guarantee you on this promise.
Below is a brief description of some of our cookies.
Pineapple Tarts
We make our own pineapple jam using secret recipe on top of melt-in-the-mouth pastry. One bite will make you crave for more.
Hazelnut Chocs
Quality hazelnut baked to perfection and filled with rich dark chocolate filing. Hot item for all chocolate lovers. Its already our best selling item with the largest single order currently standing at 70 bottles.
Pistachio Biscotti
Italian recipe using high quality pistachio that gives this biscuit a unique taste of its own. Its more popular cousin, almonds, pale in comparison in this recipe.
Almond D'lite
Its a mouthful of almonds that gives you a delightful crunch of nuts and chocolate. Second in running to its hazelnut chocs cousin.
Lemon Mushroom
Petite but packs a punch with its rich and 'lemony' taste of shortbread.
Sunflower Oats
Healthy yet delicious. Full of oats and roasted sunflower seeds, it carries its own weight rather well.
Roll Tapak Kuda
Named thus due to its U-shape look when cut; this is roll which simply melts in your mouth.
Its soft texture of both vanilla and chocolate in the cake sandwiched with chocolate cream will make you wish you had ordered this more. Believe us, we speak from experience.
If you wish to order, please do so by 6th September 2009 as we do not want to disappoint our customers and we believe in working within our means. So help us to help you and we all can enjoy our Raya with one of the best quality cookies in town.
You can place your orders with :-
Ainee -- +6017 200 5968

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