Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mad About Chocolates!

These pictures are way overdue. They were done for a good friend who gave me her FULL support once she knows we were doing chocolates.

These were done over a few days and nights..... some were made from compound chocolates; some from couverture and the premium ones were made from the Origin range which were hell of expensive but worth the price as the chocolates were really GOOD.

A very important fact to add --- hubby was the main player here -- he was the one who tempered the couverture; mould them ...... --- in other ways... a chocolatier in the making. ME ? -- I did the appraisal and the packing... hee hee..... As usual, my sons chipped in as well. In a nutshell ; we hereby present a family effort... enjoy.................


Monday, October 18, 2010

A Thousand Apologies

Assalamu'alaikum to all my muslim friends and a very good hello to everyone else.

First of all ............I am SOOOOOO SORRY..... for having 'vanished' from the blog world since July.

One project after another... challenges after challenges...... struggles while trying to catch the rainbow..... time flies and suddenly I realized that I have abandoned my blogspot for the past few months..... Once again .. my apologies and my sincere thanks to those who have remain loyal and sometimes send me a gentle reminder.... 'No new post?'..... a gentle reminder but a good wake up call..... Anyway..... we at D'Champs are BACK.... and boy do I have lots and lots to share....... so please bear with me..... I will upload story by story.....


One day, I got a cold call from someone called Noorasykin ( I think that was her name ) enquiring about birthday cakes..... and she did mentioned that she would be passing my number to another friend , Nora, who was looking for a novelty cake for her son's birthday..

To cut a story short, Nora's order came in with the question, ' Can you do a cake that looks as close as this?" .... A 3 tier birthday cake with toy story figurines......

I always go into a panic when customers ask that question coz you have to copy someone's work and you better be able to do the SAME if not BETTER...... especially if you want to put in your 2 cents' worth of creativity.....

But as usual, I took the order and panicked later ...... what's new with that right? as far as  Ainee is concerned.

A good thing about it is ... the customer wanted actual figurines.... I cannot imagine producing them from fondant.... I would probably have ended up with a new set of characters for Toy Story 4 .... with different looking
Buzz.... donkey.....

Bad thing about it ... I had a baking class that day ... that means the cake HAS to be finished the night before.

The funny thing about it is that when I went shopping for the figurines, I did not even know which were the good aliens and which ones were the bad ones..... I felt so dumb, so outdated and so old.... for not knowing the new story ... Toy Story 3...... "Kak, those are the bad aliens~!!!!!!' Nora chuckled when I described to her over the phone the figurines I had picked up.  Told myself .. must watch more movies....

Anyway , this is the cake......

and the exclamation from Nora..... "Wow, this looks even better than the photo I showed you"....... that comment made my day....... I rest my case.


Monday, July 5, 2010

KId's Chocolate,Cookies, Lapis Class, Cake & Pastry Class

My very first chocolate, cake and pastry class at my very own place finally took over after soooooooooooooo many challenges in merely getting the classroom ready.

Nevertheless, the classes went well and here are the pictures :-

Kid's  Chocolate  Class  :-

The chocolate class for kids was planned for the school holidays but coz of the numerous challenges in getting the classroom ready, I did not push the marketing very hard.

But one day, I had a phonecall (while I was in Singapore) from a father pleading with me to have the chocolate for his daughter. Because it was only for one child, I declined but he kept on pleading saying that his daughter realy wants to join the class.  In the end, I agreed and I even agreed to send the daughter home right after the class. Later, thinking that the child was only 9 years old and she will be the only students in the class, I called up a few friends and offered them to send the children to join the class for free. But due to the lateness of the hour, only one could send his daughter.

And so the day arrived, I prepared the smaller room for the class and waited....... and waited......and waited.
Finally , I recieved a phoncall but it was from my friend's daughter, asking whether I would be picking her up for the class .... How could I say no to her?  And thus I had the chocolate class...( the father of the so-called student who very much wanted to come for the class did not even have the courtesy to call and say that she could not attend.)

Nevertheless, Alishah and I had lots of fun.... And Im glad that I did not cancel on her.

Cookies  Class :

Initially, I had wanted to cancel this class since there were some who had emailed/called to request that the class be postphoned to July but there was a call from a Homechoc member who wanted to join the class but could not make it for a July date... And thus the class was confirmed...

It was suppossed to be a demo class for 10 cookies and 4 participants.

In the end, it turned out to be hands-on class still with 4  participants.... BUT it ended at 10 p.m.!!!!!!

The class had strated more than one hour late coz 2 participants were 'on the way' for the first hour.... and because there were only 4 participants, I had decided to get them to join in the making as well; thinking that it would speed up the process but in all the excitement, I had forgotten to tell them to halve the recipe portion... and in the end , the demo class turned out to look a mini biscuit making factory with trays and trays of cookies everywhere.....And at the end of the night... (YES night) ... there were lots and lots of cookies to bring home...

And guess what, NOBODY remembered to take pictures.... so sad to say, there is no concrete proof to remember the day by ... but Im sure all of us involved will NEVER forget that day...

Linda (one of the participants ) called a few days later to ask if I did make any money out of that class... considering the time, amount of cookies and the ingredient costs... so sweet of her to do so... Dont worry about that.... the important thing is my students are happy with what I have taught them.

Kek Lapis Class :

At last, I could become a student...... this class was conducted by the one and ony Nomie of the book,'Rahsia Membuat Kek Gulung Lapis Sarawak' fame.

There were 4 of us ; 2 so-called 'veterans'... me and Chef Fauziah and 2 more young ladies.

It was a mixture of a demo and hands-on class...

During the hands-on, the 2 'veterans' sat down and merely observed the 2 young ladies struggling their way through.... albeit with jokes and guidance from the 'sifu' as well as the 2 of us... So the young ladies were actually blessed.. they had the feedback and guidance from the experiences of the 3 of us. Nomie remained the sifu, Jie was nominated the CEO and I was just the busybody.... but the important thing is ... we ALL learned what we needed to .... even the CEO and me picked a few important pointers from the sifu.... so THANK YOU Nomie...

Cake  Class :-

Ilham has never baked a cake on her own before.... but she did a fantastic job.
For a total beginner, her first efforts at icing a cake are far far better than my very own efforts when I first picked up a spatula to ice a cake at baking school. 

She went home with Chocolate Butter Cake, Marble Cake, Genoise Sponge, Emulsified Sponge,Black Forest Torte, Blueberry Cake, Peach Torte and Chocolate Swiss Roll.  The picures speak for themselves.

Pastry  Class  :-

Fiza was the very first person to respond to the flyers sent around the neighbourhood. She signed up for the pastry class way back in May but I could only have the class for her last weekend.

She is one of the most eager students I have ever met. She was thrilled to bits everytime she takes out a tray of the tarts she had just baked. We joked and laughed admist the teaching and learning that was taking place.

Fiza eventually got 'cross-eyed' with all the tart shells she had to make --- she was so focused on getting the thickness of the pastry shells right ... not too thick ; not too thin (says her teacher... ME) , that she became giddy..... poor thing..Her husband had been very supportive of her efforts and had enecouraged her all the way --- he voluntereed to do he babysitting and some of the household chores for the weekend while she was in class; at the end of the first day, he called to remind her to buy home dinner coz he and the children were starving.... but in the end when she got home with dinner, he 'attacked' the blueberry cheese tarts first... declaring his approval..

By the second day, Fiza had understood the processes of tart making that she could make the tarts by herself; I ended up making the tart shells for her....

Eventually, her effors were not in vain at all...... All in all, she had produced Fruit Tartlets, Chocolate Tarts, Banana Cream Tarts, Strawberry/Blueberry Cheese Tarts, Egg Tarts, Coconut Tarts, Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie and Apple Crumb Pie.

That night, she messaged to say that her husband approved of all that she had made and gave special thumbs up for the Apple Crumb Pie...

In conclusion, I like to say a big 'Thank You' to all the students who have been very supportive...... Thank You.



Monday, June 21, 2010

Tom & Jerry

This is my first buttercream birthday cake in 12 years.

I have a love-hate relationship with buttercream --- I just hate working with that stuff.... but ALL my teahcers told me that buttercream is the mother of all cream.... master that and you are on your way in cake decorating.... But still......

Well anyway, at midnight with a migraine throbbing and the one million dollar question, "Why did I ever agree to do this?", my family and I finished the cake.

This morning, the look on the birthday boy's mother's face and her grateful 'Thank You'  wiped away all my exhaustion and the million dollar question was answered.

Here's the cake.... If it doesnt look like Tom & Jerry .... pls let me know... Tom looks real angry to me ...


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hari Raya Cookies 2010

I will be conducting a Hari Raya Cookies class on the 19th June .

This class is in replacement of the one that was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

RM 100; from 2 p.m. to 5p.m.
The cookies to be taught are:-

1. Pumpkin Seed Cookies
2. Evergreen Flower Cookies
3. Chip 'O' Chip
4. White Choc Cappucino
5. Pecado Slice Cookies
6. Necklace Cookie
7. Nutty Cookies
8. Chocolate Almond Slice
9. Lemon Mushroom
10. Cornflakes Crunchies


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fundamentals of Cake Making 1 / Pastry 1

Fundamentals of Cake  Making 1 -- RM 380

17th & 18th June; 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This class is confirmed for the 17th & 18th June.
In this class, you will learn the theoretical fundamentals of cake making such as function of ingredients, oven
preparation etc., You will learn how to make a total of 6 cakes, using a variety of mixing methods.

You will also learn to make some of the cakes from scratch to the full assembly of a decorated cake.

Cakes taught include : Classic Genoise, Marble Cake, Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, Moist Banana Cake with
Glaze, Black Forest Torte…………………etc


Fundamentals of Pastry Making 1 -- RM 380

3rd & 4th July ;  10.30a.m. to 5 p.m.

This class is confirmed for th 3rd & 4th July (Weekend)

In this class, you will learn the theoretical fundamentals of pastry making such as function of ingredients,
oven preparation etc., You will learn how to make a total of 10 tarts, using a variety of different
kinds of sweet pastry dough and fillings.

Tarts taught include: Fruit Tartlets; Egg Tarts, Coconut Tarts, Banana Cream Pie, Blueberry Cream Cheese Tart, Peach Crumble, Classic American Apple Pie etc

Please feel free to email me at for registration and enquiries.

Thank you.


Homechocs with Chef Amer

At last, after weeks of hundreds of emails, phone calls and co-ordination, the specially arranged class for the Homechoc Group took off.

I'm most proud and honoured to delcare that my friend, Master Chocolatier, Chef Amer delivered what he promised and much more. He shared his years of experience and knowledge with unbridled passion and his willingness to share was more than generous.

Alongside the knowledge delivered and techniques taught, the atmosphere was electric with jokes and jibes coming thick and fast from the Master Chef. I must say some of them hit bullseye. There was no room for the sensitive and narrow minded.

The group soaked in every word the CHEF spoke like a sponge -- eyes getting bigger, mouth gaping and finally "WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" and then the very familiar, "I didn't KNOW that" . And this is coming from a group of entrepreneurs who are producing and selling chocolates and some of them instructors themselves. Look at the photos below.... all look so tensed.... even the chef.... so much to learn (we say)... so much you want to squeeze from me (chef says)..

This brings home my personal Maxim ---' That no matter how great YOU THINK you are, no matter how much YOU THINK you know, you can always still learn from somebody; be it a beginner or the Master. The least you can learn is what NOT to do.'

My heartiest and grateful thanks to the chef -- Master Chocolatier Chef Amer Hamzah.
Also my appreciation to the group for their support.

Now enjoy the sights.


Saturday, May 29, 2010


I have decided to come up with a section / posting which I named ,”How Baking Works”. My intention is simply to share the little knowledge that I have gained over the years through training, work experience; reading and sharing with fellow bakers and pastry chefs. If for any reason should my sharing contains inaccuracy, it is not intentional. I don’t mean to teach the world but just to share. So I sincerely hope that it is taken in the right perspective and that it can be of some use to those who need it.

I also wish to dedicate this sharing to all my fellow bakers and pastry chefs, my trainers, my fellow ex colleagues, students and my friends.

Thanks for your time.

I will post this section on "HOW BAKING WORKS" page.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Official Launching of Chef Amer's Chocolate Book

My hubby and I were very honoured at being invited to attend the official lunching of Chef Amer's 'Terokai Rahsia Choklat Bersama Chef Amer' on the 22nd May at Prince Hotel. It was launched by the YGBhg Puan Sri Noor Ainee (isteri pada TPM).

It was indeed a grand event and deserving of the author.... none other than our friend , Chef Amer. He also did a demo in his usual candid way, charming the crowd with his jokes as always. His wife, Puan Rokiah can only shake her head in amusement , observing her husband's antics on stage. On a serious note, he also mentioned his dream of opening a full-pledged academy. Our prayers are with you on that dream. InsyaALLAH.... he also hinted at some of the corporate heads at the function for possibe funding.... thats Amer....never letting go of opportunity.

More importantly, Amer has proven one thing from which all of us can learn from... THAT IS....  anak orang melayu BOLEH ceburi dunia orang asing and more importantly, mastered the skills and bring it back home and give it back to the people.... kata Malaysia boleh kan.... so........???

We were also thrilled and proud at being placed together with Amer's family. Dapatlah sikit cerita mengenai telatah Amer masa kechil dulu.... dan masa kini... tapi cerita itu terpaksa Ainee simpan lah .....

Once again , heartiest congratulations, my friend... You are an inspiration to us all..... Teruskan perjuangan kamu.... May Allah be with you always.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Workshop Kek Lapis for Beginner

Instructor : Puan Juraiza (Nomie) Aziz

  Tarikh : 20hb Jun 2010
    Masa : 10 pagi hingga 6 petang
Tempat : D'Champs Food Concepts
               173-1, Jalan PUJ 3/3, Taman Puncak Jalil, Bandar Putra Permai,
               43300 Seri Kembangan.
   Fees : RM160.00/seorang

Untuk pendaftaran sila hubungi Puan Ainee di 0172005968 atau email

               Kek Lapis Coklat                                                      Kek Lapis Evergreen 
            (Butter Cake Method)                                                (Sponge Cake Method)

            Kek Lapis Asam Manis                                     Kek Lapis Oreo
            (Sponge Cake Method)                                   (Butter Cake Method)

Peserta akan membuat sendiri kek lapis dengan pengawasan tenaga pengajar.

          1.  Kek Lapis Coklat
          2.  Kek Lapis Evergreen

                Instructor’s Profile

Beliau mula terbabit dalam bidang bakeri sejak tahun 2001 dengan membuat kek lapis.

Bermula dari kosong, pengetahuannya bertambah melalui kursus-kursus membuat kek, roti dan hiasan kek. Bagaimanapun pengalaman menimba pengetahuan berkenaan kek lapis agak unik kerana beliau mengalami kegagalan demi kegagalan hingga 10 kali hanya untuk membuat kek lapis biasa dan mengambil masa 3 tahun sebelum Berjaya menulis buku elektronik berkaitan Kek Lapis Sarawak.

Setelah beliau Berjaya mendapatkan teknik yang betul selepas menghadiri kelas demonstrasi membuat kek lapis rempah, beliau terus mengambil tempahan kek lapis bagi musim perayaan. Daripada situ beliau mula berminat dengan pembuatan kek gulung lapis Sarawak yang begitu unik dan halus berseni.

Bagaimanapun disebabkan tiada sesiapa yang boleh mengajar pembuatan kek ini di tempat tinggalnya, maka beliau mengambil masa lebih kurang 3 tahun untuk mendalami seni pembuatan kek gulung lapis Sarawak. Alhamdulillah, usaha selama itu Berjaya memberikan beliau ilham dan teknik bagi memudahkan pembuatan kek gulung lapis Sarawak.


Chocolate Class by Celebrity Chef

Hi one and all,

Our homegrown celebrity chef, Chef Amer will be conducting a 2-day Hands-on workshop on the Basics of Making Handmade Chocolates. The details are as follow:-

Dates : 26th & 27th June 2010
Time  : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location : Taman Perdaganan Pandan, Johore Baru (exact address will be provided later)
Course Fees : RM 550

At the end of the course, students will learn :-

  • The technique of tempering chocolate -- the 'why' and 'how'
  • How to produce chocolate shells and praline fillings -- the processes leading to the production of handmade chocolate pralines
  • How to produce chocolate clusters and truffles
  • How to keep chocolates
  • Packaging techniques

Anyone interested in attending this course, kindly email me at :

Thank you.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carnations For Sale

Hi, Im attaching pictures of gumpaste carnations for anyone who is interested in purchasing any of them.
It is a result of a lot of hard work but order was cancelled.... long story .. one which I do not wish to remember...

Anyway here it is.. RM 2.50 for one... any takers.... email me ok...


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Classes at D'Champs

D'champs will be conducting baking, cake decorating and chocolate making  classes from May 2010.

We will have a whole range of classes for the total beginner to the more advanced classes.
As a start, we divide the type of classes into 4 main categories :-

  • Baking
  • Cake Decorating
  • Chocolate
  • Exclusive Projects
  • Asian

In the Baking category, our hands-on sessions  begin with the Fundamentals of (Pastry/ Cake) Baking 1, 2 & 3 in which we take students through the basic fundamentals of baking pastries and cakes. Based on a 3-modular format, our goal is to provide students with both theorectical and practical foundation in baking practices. This includes discussion on selection of ingredients, function of specific ingredients, proper mixing methods, baking techniques, oven preparation, make up and full assembly. The focus is also on students' understanding of theory fundamentals and function ingredient. In a nutshell, studenst will not only learn what techniques work but also why they work.
In the Cake Decorating category, our hands-on sessions begin with the Basic Cake Decorating and conclude with the Fondant Wedding Cake Decoration in which we will students through the basics of cake decoration right up to the assembling of a tiered wedding cake covered in fondant. We also have classes on cupcakes and mini cakes decoration based on themes; specific classes on the decorating of Barbie Dolls/ Disney Princesses.

In the Chocolate Category, we take students through the journey of the Chocolate world. Theoretical knowledge on the history (brief) , structure / composition, different types of tempering processes -- advantages and disadvantages -  and the handling of chocolate will be covered extensively. The prcatical sessions will take students through the tempering process (without the use of machinery and in non-aircon environment) production of handmade chocolates which include moulded pralines and their fillings, truffles, lollipop chocolates, chocolate boxes, chocolate clusters ..... All in all, at the end of the session, each student would bring home at least 50 pieces of chocolate pralines of their own production.

In the Exclusive Projects Category, we would have guest chefs/instructors to conduct these exclusive project classes according to their specialties. These classes are hands-on based and are mainly directed at those who would have had some experience in handling fondant. Examples of these projects include :-

  • Pillow Cake
  • Topsy - Turvy Cake
  • Handbag and Shoe
  • Life Size Flowers .... and many more soon

In the Asian Category, we would have hands-on sessions on two sub-groups:-

KUIH TALAM :- In this course, the chef will take students through the making of both the traditional and modern Kuih Talam; the techniques of preparing, the pre-cooking, the steaming processes and the final assembly. Students will also be taught the techniques of devekoping new recipes from the core recipes provided. At the end of the session, the students would brng home at least 10 varieties of the Kuih Talam and with the knowledge and confidence of producing at least 30 new versions.

KUIH LAPIS :- This course is further divided into Basic and Advance (Lapis Sarawak).
In the Basic course, the chef will take students through the making of the 4 different kinds of the Lapis cake using two different kinds of methods. From here, the students will then be taken through the advance level in which they would learn the exciting techniques of producing patterned Lapis essentially known as the Lapis Sarawak. This section alone can be further subdivided into the basic pattern right to the more complicated ones. An excitig journey on its own..

The above classes are all hands-on based. Some of the classes such as the Fundamentals of Baking and the Cake Decorating Classes are follow-up classes which means they come with  a Prequsite clause. This is done so as to ensure that our students would begin the courses on a similiar grounding despite their background. This is essentialy to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary fundamentals as they proceed to the next level. We at D'Champs do not mean to belittle or prejudge the courses that are conducted elsewhere; its just that we would like our students to go through the learning journey as a team with an open mind -- "Im an empty cup -- fill me in ' mentality.

Most classes requires a minimum to kick start although we might exercise the discretion to conduct a particular class with less.

We can also conduct demo classes upon request or hands-on session bases on specific products. We try to accomodate to every request.

Please click on the "Class Schedule" in the Content Column for more info.

Thank You

All enquiries are welcome.

D'Champs Team


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Professional Baking by Wayne Gisslen

This is the write up of the above book.

Wayne Gisslen's Professional Cooking and Professional Baking textbooks have educated hundreds of thousands of students and professional chefs. This new 5th edition of Professional Baking continues to provide comprehensive coverage of the basics—bread making and cake mixing—and provides enhanced coverage of higher level techniques—pastry, chocolate, sugar work. The formulas were developed to help you learn, then polish, your baking and pastry skills. This new edition also features a new software package through which you can create your own formulas and modify those in the text. Presenting professional techniques, formulas, ideas, and inspiration from renowned chef educators, Gisslen's Professional Baking is the essential kitchen tool for those who want to take their baking and pastry skills to the next level. Explore this website to discover additional baking and pastry resources to enhance your experience in the classroom or the professional kitchen.

New to this Edition:

• New chapter on Baking for Special Diets, including low-fat, low-sugar, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets.

• This edition is packaged with new laminated method cards featuring step-by-step instructions of the key methods used in creating yeast doughs, quick breads, cakes and cookies.

• Close to 900 formulas – 24 are completely new to this edition and dozens more have been revised and improved.

• Includes new sidebars explaining the history and cultural background of various bakery products, as well as details concerning specialty equipment, ingredients, nutrition, and other topics of interest.

• More than 100 new photographs of finished dishes, techniques and product identification.

• New recipe and formula management software package, Wiley CulinarE-Companion™, features user-friendly navigation, flexibility, and robust content.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Peter Greweling's "Chocolate & Confections At Home'

Salam semua,

Kalau ada yg berminat akan buku tersebut, sila email kak ainee.

Harga MPH : RM123.

Kak Ainee dah dapat harga yg special ...  RM 105 (tidak termasuk harga penghantaran). Ini pun kerana sokongan yg diberi oleh member2  dari homechoc group... terima kasih kepada semua yg telah order..

Below is the write up on the book. Nanti kalau boleh, akan saya minta tolong Dr Rahimah untuk review the book.

Write- up:-

Chocolates and Confections at Home with The Culinary Institute of America

Peter P. Greweling, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

The home candy maker's guide to creating stunning chocolates and confections

Chocolates and Confections at Home offers detailed expertise for anyone who wants to make truly amazing homemade confections and candies. The Culinary Institute of America and baking and pastry arts professor Peter Greweling provide recipes and step-by-step techniques that make even the most ambitious treats simple for any home cook.

In addition, Chocolates and Confections at Home includes ingredient and equipment information, packaging and storage practices, and troubleshooting tips for common preparation issues.

Richly illustrated with more than 150 full-color photos that illustrate key techniques as well as finished confections

Covers chocolates, truffles, toffees and taffies, fudge and pralines, marshmallows, jellies, nuts, and much more

Author Peter Greweling is a professor of baking and pastry arts at the CIA, as well as a Certified Master Baker and Certified Hospitality Educator

Chocolates and Confections at Home is the ideal resource for anyone who wants to graduate from chocolate chip cookies to create impressively decadent delights.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

My First Cartoon Character Cake -- Spongebob

Sarah Ilyana , my second niece, turned ten in January but I could only give her her cake in Feb. After discussing with her mother, it was agreed that I would TRY and make a Spongebob cake. As always, reality always hit me after I agree to something... this time, I went "YIKES..... I dont even like that cartoon...and I have NEVER made a cartoon character cake out of fondant before...

But make the cake I must, especially after I have given her sister, Farah, those fantastic minicakes (thanks, Adlina again).. and so I tried. But first, my husband helped me by cutting the cake to size. I just needed to cover it in fondant in the appropriate colours and design.

Surprisingly, as I figured my way around the cake, I got more and more excited.. especially as I put the face together... the character seemed to jump out and say 'HI, its me.. Spongebob'. Actually got nods of approvals from the men and boys in the family.... my husband, my sons and newly adopted employee-turned-son.

The rewards came in Sarah's expressions... she went 'Eeeeeeee....' and shook her head. That's her typical reaction to great happiness... trust me... the feeling was ''WOW'' for me..

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