Monday, May 24, 2010

Official Launching of Chef Amer's Chocolate Book

My hubby and I were very honoured at being invited to attend the official lunching of Chef Amer's 'Terokai Rahsia Choklat Bersama Chef Amer' on the 22nd May at Prince Hotel. It was launched by the YGBhg Puan Sri Noor Ainee (isteri pada TPM).

It was indeed a grand event and deserving of the author.... none other than our friend , Chef Amer. He also did a demo in his usual candid way, charming the crowd with his jokes as always. His wife, Puan Rokiah can only shake her head in amusement , observing her husband's antics on stage. On a serious note, he also mentioned his dream of opening a full-pledged academy. Our prayers are with you on that dream. InsyaALLAH.... he also hinted at some of the corporate heads at the function for possibe funding.... thats Amer....never letting go of opportunity.

More importantly, Amer has proven one thing from which all of us can learn from... THAT IS....  anak orang melayu BOLEH ceburi dunia orang asing and more importantly, mastered the skills and bring it back home and give it back to the people.... kata Malaysia boleh kan.... so........???

We were also thrilled and proud at being placed together with Amer's family. Dapatlah sikit cerita mengenai telatah Amer masa kechil dulu.... dan masa kini... tapi cerita itu terpaksa Ainee simpan lah .....

Once again , heartiest congratulations, my friend... You are an inspiration to us all..... Teruskan perjuangan kamu.... May Allah be with you always.


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