Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thomas & Friends

The instructions that came with this order was simple enough. But as the days came nearer, I decided to add to the intial design  -- 2 tier topsy turvy cake representing a railway track on a mountain with a 'real' TUNNEL (with Thomas coming through the tunnel no less) running through the top tier complete with Harold the helicopter 'flying' on op of the mountain and the name of the birthday boy aka HOLLYWOOD style.  My husband declared that from an engineering perspective, the cake would collapsed but I insisted on having a 'real' tunnel.  And like the 'toy story' cake I did earlier, I came to learn more about Thomas and HIs Friends...

Later , as we 'bore' through the cake, we held our breaths. A cheer went up as soon as we got through to the other side. (We really felt that real engineers digging through underground tunnel). But fate wasnt going to let me have it that easy. As we worked on the other parts of the cake; the top was slowly but surely collapsing. And that was at 2.30 in the morning (of the collection day). I decided to take the risk and went to sleep; secretly praying that the cake would hold itself but at the same time mentally prepared to start all over again if necessary. Later that morning; half an hour before customer was to pick up the cake; a stroke of creativity struck and the tunnel and the cake was saved. Whew !!!!!

All the sleepless nights and worry vanished as soon as I got the reaction from the birthday boy's mother. She even offered to pay more than what she had paid extra. Later that day, she told me that the birthday boy could not stop saying 'thank you' and that her hubby was just staring at the cake  with 'OMG'. Her own words....'Thank you very much. It's an awesome cake'.

This cake was another milestone for me ; being able to get the tunnel done was a real achievement for me (it may mean nothing to others but well............) . Thank you very much Shikin for the vote of confidence.
And also many many thanks to my team ..... hubby and my sons..... thanks guys..

Happy Birthday to you Rayyan.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baking Class -- Upon your request

I am finally able to resume the baking classes -- February 2011.

But this time, there are 2 major changes :-

1---  classes can only be conducted over the weekends.

2---  the classes are strictly going to be upon request - that means YOU tell me what you want to learn and if I think Im able to give you a good lesson on what you request and we can gather the minimum number of 4; the class is ON.... That means if you want to learn all about Puff Pastry, then we have a class on Puff Pastry ............. how's that?????

A general guideline on the fees (actual fee will depend on number of items and ingredients costs):-

Hands -- On  Class  :-  One Day :- RM 250 per person.
                                    Two Days :- RM 400 per person. 

The average number of items taught will be between 4 to 8 items (for 2 days)

Demo classes --  upon request...

Hope this will help encourage/motivate those who have been wanting to join but wants to have their own choices.  BUT a word of kind advice; for those with those with little / no experience in baking; it woud be of great help to YOU and ME if  we start with the Beginners' class first... then you can make your request....just a piece of advice.....

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