Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hari Raya Cookies 2011

Someone commented this yesterday: "Kak Ainee!!!!!!! You are marketing your Raya cookies only NOW..... EVERYONE has got theirs out a long time ago.."

Well yes ; we are a little late this year. A long story which I dont wish to recap.

Anyway, this year, we still have last year's top seller -- Hazelnut Chocs. We have retained the Biscotti and reintroduced previous years' favourite -- Pecan cookies. We have also introduced new cookies this year -- Chewier versions of the all time favourite -- chocolate cookies and lots more.

However, we regretfully announced that we have decided to do away with our open-faced Pineappe Tarts this year. Not that there is not enough demand but more so that we simply would not be able to cope --- 2 of my 'strong' men  are not with us this year -- one a former staff who has left to seek greener pastures in a new industry and my second son who has called in to serve the nation back home.

Tales aside --- We humbly  present this year's cookies.

Hazelnut Chocs (50 pieces)

RM 35.00

A top-seller last year.

2 pieces of biscuits made from
a high ratio of hazelnut sandwiched
between a layer of chocolate cream.

Tat Gulung (40 pieces)

RM 28.00

Made by a close friend. Highly recommended.

The tart dough melts in the mouth with a
generous amount of a not too sweet
pineapple paste filling (homemade).

(80 pieces)
RM 30.00

Made by the same friend. Comes
highly recommended by her customers.
An old time favourite.
These are rich in its buttery flavour.

Pecan Cookies (66 pieces)
RM 45.00

A favourite of yesteryears.

Tastes purely of nothing else but pecan.
It has a acquired taste. But once you're
hooked, it stays with you.

Pistachio Biscotti (500 grams)

RM 50.00

Chock-full of pistachios, these
get you going non-stop.
Had customers buying by the kilos
last year.

Oats & Raisins Cookies (45-48 pieces)

RM 35.00

A renewed version of the regular Oats & Raisins
cookies, these come in a chewier but richer buttery mouthful.
The raisins are everywhere.


Berrylicious (55 pieces)

RM 35.00

As the name suggests, these are delicious.
Rich decadent taste of pure butter oozes with
each bite; combined with the tangy bite of raspberry and strawberry jam.

Chewy Chocs (45-50 pieces)

RM 35.00

A close cousin of the all-time favourite Chocolate
Chip cookie -- these come full of both dark
and milk chocolate but deiberately made to taste more chewy versus its crunchy cousin.

Nutty Chocs (45-48 pieces)

RM 35.00

A new invention, these combine the
healthy -- cereal, oats, raisins and
the sinful -- chocks of chocolate pieces.
Chewy and crunchy all at the same time.

Please email me privately at for orders /queries but do follow up your email with a sms to + 60 17 200 5968.

Orders close on the first day of Ramadhan. 

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