Monday, July 5, 2010

KId's Chocolate,Cookies, Lapis Class, Cake & Pastry Class

My very first chocolate, cake and pastry class at my very own place finally took over after soooooooooooooo many challenges in merely getting the classroom ready.

Nevertheless, the classes went well and here are the pictures :-

Kid's  Chocolate  Class  :-

The chocolate class for kids was planned for the school holidays but coz of the numerous challenges in getting the classroom ready, I did not push the marketing very hard.

But one day, I had a phonecall (while I was in Singapore) from a father pleading with me to have the chocolate for his daughter. Because it was only for one child, I declined but he kept on pleading saying that his daughter realy wants to join the class.  In the end, I agreed and I even agreed to send the daughter home right after the class. Later, thinking that the child was only 9 years old and she will be the only students in the class, I called up a few friends and offered them to send the children to join the class for free. But due to the lateness of the hour, only one could send his daughter.

And so the day arrived, I prepared the smaller room for the class and waited....... and waited......and waited.
Finally , I recieved a phoncall but it was from my friend's daughter, asking whether I would be picking her up for the class .... How could I say no to her?  And thus I had the chocolate class...( the father of the so-called student who very much wanted to come for the class did not even have the courtesy to call and say that she could not attend.)

Nevertheless, Alishah and I had lots of fun.... And Im glad that I did not cancel on her.

Cookies  Class :

Initially, I had wanted to cancel this class since there were some who had emailed/called to request that the class be postphoned to July but there was a call from a Homechoc member who wanted to join the class but could not make it for a July date... And thus the class was confirmed...

It was suppossed to be a demo class for 10 cookies and 4 participants.

In the end, it turned out to be hands-on class still with 4  participants.... BUT it ended at 10 p.m.!!!!!!

The class had strated more than one hour late coz 2 participants were 'on the way' for the first hour.... and because there were only 4 participants, I had decided to get them to join in the making as well; thinking that it would speed up the process but in all the excitement, I had forgotten to tell them to halve the recipe portion... and in the end , the demo class turned out to look a mini biscuit making factory with trays and trays of cookies everywhere.....And at the end of the night... (YES night) ... there were lots and lots of cookies to bring home...

And guess what, NOBODY remembered to take pictures.... so sad to say, there is no concrete proof to remember the day by ... but Im sure all of us involved will NEVER forget that day...

Linda (one of the participants ) called a few days later to ask if I did make any money out of that class... considering the time, amount of cookies and the ingredient costs... so sweet of her to do so... Dont worry about that.... the important thing is my students are happy with what I have taught them.

Kek Lapis Class :

At last, I could become a student...... this class was conducted by the one and ony Nomie of the book,'Rahsia Membuat Kek Gulung Lapis Sarawak' fame.

There were 4 of us ; 2 so-called 'veterans'... me and Chef Fauziah and 2 more young ladies.

It was a mixture of a demo and hands-on class...

During the hands-on, the 2 'veterans' sat down and merely observed the 2 young ladies struggling their way through.... albeit with jokes and guidance from the 'sifu' as well as the 2 of us... So the young ladies were actually blessed.. they had the feedback and guidance from the experiences of the 3 of us. Nomie remained the sifu, Jie was nominated the CEO and I was just the busybody.... but the important thing is ... we ALL learned what we needed to .... even the CEO and me picked a few important pointers from the sifu.... so THANK YOU Nomie...

Cake  Class :-

Ilham has never baked a cake on her own before.... but she did a fantastic job.
For a total beginner, her first efforts at icing a cake are far far better than my very own efforts when I first picked up a spatula to ice a cake at baking school. 

She went home with Chocolate Butter Cake, Marble Cake, Genoise Sponge, Emulsified Sponge,Black Forest Torte, Blueberry Cake, Peach Torte and Chocolate Swiss Roll.  The picures speak for themselves.

Pastry  Class  :-

Fiza was the very first person to respond to the flyers sent around the neighbourhood. She signed up for the pastry class way back in May but I could only have the class for her last weekend.

She is one of the most eager students I have ever met. She was thrilled to bits everytime she takes out a tray of the tarts she had just baked. We joked and laughed admist the teaching and learning that was taking place.

Fiza eventually got 'cross-eyed' with all the tart shells she had to make --- she was so focused on getting the thickness of the pastry shells right ... not too thick ; not too thin (says her teacher... ME) , that she became giddy..... poor thing..Her husband had been very supportive of her efforts and had enecouraged her all the way --- he voluntereed to do he babysitting and some of the household chores for the weekend while she was in class; at the end of the first day, he called to remind her to buy home dinner coz he and the children were starving.... but in the end when she got home with dinner, he 'attacked' the blueberry cheese tarts first... declaring his approval..

By the second day, Fiza had understood the processes of tart making that she could make the tarts by herself; I ended up making the tart shells for her....

Eventually, her effors were not in vain at all...... All in all, she had produced Fruit Tartlets, Chocolate Tarts, Banana Cream Tarts, Strawberry/Blueberry Cheese Tarts, Egg Tarts, Coconut Tarts, Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie and Apple Crumb Pie.

That night, she messaged to say that her husband approved of all that she had made and gave special thumbs up for the Apple Crumb Pie...

In conclusion, I like to say a big 'Thank You' to all the students who have been very supportive...... Thank You.


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