Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Class

The First Jitters ---- of an Instructor

I finally picked up the courage to start conducting my very first class. Actually, the fear is not from the teaching itself (afterall, I am a trained teacher with 10 years of experience) but more so the fear of having to conduct it in BM. Sad to say, my command of mandarin is better than that of the BM; I went to a convent school while studying in Singapore, took Mandarin as a second language and on top of that, I was often the only Malay girl in the class. Anyway, with lots of encouragement from my husband, sons and lots of newfound friends here and a challenge from an old time friend, Kak Norsini , I finally conducted my very first class. It was a demo class in Handmade Chocolates.

That morning, EVERYBODY got scolded for anything they did esp. my poor hubby….. the poor guy apologized and merely nodded and smiled until he finally dropped me off at the venue of the class. It was only after class that when he congratulated me on a job well done did he finally teased me about my seemingly unseen panic…. “Gara-gara, nak kena mengajar dalam BM, habis semua kena marah... OK pun… kelas… semua faham kan….”

Anyway, I was surprised when 15 people turned up but it made me happy. Everybody enjoyed the class and it went well. Had to get used to people calling me ‘Chef’ … gave up telling them I had never worked in a hotel before… so chef, chef lah….. yang penting apa yang diajar… ikhlas dan murid-murid faham dan dapat buat yang betul. Takut.. oi.. mengajar tak jujur… belakang hari jawab sendiri ohhhhh…



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