Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Second Class

Second Class…..

Second class had a student coming all the back from Kluang – Anita. She was willing to travel so far just to learn… within a week, she was already making a small business out of selling the fruit tarts I taught her…. The feeling of achievement was great…. Teaching does has its rewards…

In this class, I had to conduct in both BM and Mandarin… there was one lady who didn’t understand BM… surprise…. surprise…

Anyway, ask the students to come up and try for themselves to mould the tart… after a few calls, only one came up…. Then slowly slowly about 5 to 6 of them came up to my table… the rest later came up but tengok tengok saja.

My assistant… my son, Afiq, tested the coconut tarts for doneness. He inserted the tester, turned around and said ok. Then he closed the oven door and left the tarts to continue baking …. Until someone reminded me about them… luckily they were just turning a nice brown and not burnt…. That’s Afiq lah….

Next Class…..

27th Feb 2010…. Puff Pastry --- demo on how to make puff pastry from scratch…
28th Feb 2010…..Durian --- Durian Fudge (guarantee best sekali) dan Durian Mousse.

See you there…..

Note : For now, I am teaching at HOI selayang… will teach at another place soon.. cannot announce yet..


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