Monday, October 18, 2010

A Thousand Apologies

Assalamu'alaikum to all my muslim friends and a very good hello to everyone else.

First of all ............I am SOOOOOO SORRY..... for having 'vanished' from the blog world since July.

One project after another... challenges after challenges...... struggles while trying to catch the rainbow..... time flies and suddenly I realized that I have abandoned my blogspot for the past few months..... Once again .. my apologies and my sincere thanks to those who have remain loyal and sometimes send me a gentle reminder.... 'No new post?'..... a gentle reminder but a good wake up call..... Anyway..... we at D'Champs are BACK.... and boy do I have lots and lots to share....... so please bear with me..... I will upload story by story.....


One day, I got a cold call from someone called Noorasykin ( I think that was her name ) enquiring about birthday cakes..... and she did mentioned that she would be passing my number to another friend , Nora, who was looking for a novelty cake for her son's birthday..

To cut a story short, Nora's order came in with the question, ' Can you do a cake that looks as close as this?" .... A 3 tier birthday cake with toy story figurines......

I always go into a panic when customers ask that question coz you have to copy someone's work and you better be able to do the SAME if not BETTER...... especially if you want to put in your 2 cents' worth of creativity.....

But as usual, I took the order and panicked later ...... what's new with that right? as far as  Ainee is concerned.

A good thing about it is ... the customer wanted actual figurines.... I cannot imagine producing them from fondant.... I would probably have ended up with a new set of characters for Toy Story 4 .... with different looking
Buzz.... donkey.....

Bad thing about it ... I had a baking class that day ... that means the cake HAS to be finished the night before.

The funny thing about it is that when I went shopping for the figurines, I did not even know which were the good aliens and which ones were the bad ones..... I felt so dumb, so outdated and so old.... for not knowing the new story ... Toy Story 3...... "Kak, those are the bad aliens~!!!!!!' Nora chuckled when I described to her over the phone the figurines I had picked up.  Told myself .. must watch more movies....

Anyway , this is the cake......

and the exclamation from Nora..... "Wow, this looks even better than the photo I showed you"....... that comment made my day....... I rest my case.


keen December 1, 2010 at 9:13 AM  

thanks k ainee for the lovely shld see the children's face when they see the cake.
i may put another order for coming 15/1/11. my son's 4th bday. ill get back to u on this, k ainee tolong yea. tx!

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